Intercourse Recourse

You’ve been Bridgette B’s personal assistant for a few months and you had been doing okay, that is until now.

As it turns out, the IT guys monitor internet activity pretty closely, you know where this is leading don’t you?

This morning you got an email with the subject line “Internet usage and misconduct,” you knew you were fucked, all that in-office porn is back to bite you in the ass.

Bridgette B has summoned you in for a meeting in her office for what you know is going to be a serious talking too.

As you sit nervously, she shows you your shameful browser history and reads out your search terms but you begin to realize she’s getting a little turned on.

Pacing around in her tight pant-suit, she’s ready to lay down seven shades of discipline on you.

It’s just a good thing that her idea of discipline is blowing you in her office and riding your dick until you cum all over her.


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The full video of Intercourse Recourse is 34 minutes long and is compatible with HTC Vive/Oculus Rift, Cardboard, Gear VR / Daydream and PSVR.

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